If you like my music and want me to make more of it, please consider becoming my patron. For more details, watch my short video. Huge thanks - your support means the world to me!

Patreon is kind of like Kickstarter, except instead of making one large-ish donation towards one big project (like a new CD), you make recurring micro-donations for ongoing creative work.

I'M WRITING A LOT OF SONGS THIS YEAR. In 2014 I'm writing a new song every week as part of Real Women Real Songs. I am making youtube videos of all my songs, and all my songs/videos are 100% free for you to enjoy. By becoming a patron, you join a special group of supporters who are sponsoring this project and helping me to continue writing songs and making new music. Whether or not you choose to become a patron, I am immensely grateful for your support!

HOW DO I BECOME A PATRON? Just go to my Patreon page, enter an amount you'd like to donate per song and click "Become A Patron." And then rock on with your awesome self.

HOW OFTEN WILL YOU RELEASE SONGS? I'll be writing about 4 songs a month this year, and you can support me by donating $1 or $3 or whatever you're comfortable giving per song. You can also set a monthly maximum so you never go over what you want to spend. Combined with the mini-contributions of many others, your impact is huge.

Thank you from the bottom of my little folksingin' heart! xo ty