New website!

This appears to be my inaugural post (ahem) on my new website. So, hi! I'm Tylan. But you can call me Ty. For 11 years I've been making records and touring internationally with Girlyman, and now I'm navigating uncharted waters. That is, I'm working on my debut solo CD, "One True Thing." I started this journey back in June when I realized that I really wanted to record a bunch of songs that I've written over the years that never made it onto Girlyman albums. I also wrote some brand new songs, and compiled the ones I loved the most into this collection. It represents exactly where I am right now. Truthfully, the past couple years have been times of extreme change for me, so the themes on the album are about letting go, hanging on, loving despite difficulty, getting pissed off at said difficulty, venturing into the unknown, and trying to have faith that everything will work out. You know, just some light reading as per usual.

The CD is sounding better than I could have imagined, thanks to my producer Michael Connolly, and I'm getting really excited. We're almost done tracking and start with mixing in the next couple weeks. I've also been working with local Atlanta artist Mary Campbell on the artwork and the stuff she's shown me so far is fitting so perfectly with the music that I'm kind of beside myself. I can't wait to show you this thing.

So, if you missed out on the Kickstarter for the album, you can still pre-order here. I'll send you "One True Thing" before its official release, signed and sent with tons of gratitude. I so appreciate your support! 

And while you're here don't forget to check out the calendar page for upcoming tour dates! You can also sign up on the mailing list to be sure you'll never miss a show in your area.

Thanks, y'all!



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