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Here's what the reviews are saying:

"While Girlyman’s compositions were always confessional, they usually lightened things up with a silly song or two. 'One True Thing' drops the humor and ramps up the passion with a collection of love songs that deal honestly with the end of a relationship. Tylan has always been a powerful singer, but the poignant honesty that she brings to these tunes gives them an emotional intensity that’s as bracing as it is moving. She asks the unanswerable questions that plague the end of relationships, and while she doesn’t have answers, the questioning provides its own kind of solace." -Relix

“One True Thing comes fully loaded... an excellent album that perfectly showcases its star, Tylan, and gives the singer/songwriter a chance to rely on her muse for direction.” - The Alternate Root

“Tylan’s practice of extending metaphors out toward a precipice keeps an unpredictable edge to [her] songs. Most writers would stop at the easy close. Ty jumps, leaving much to imagination, to powerful effect. Ty’s expressive alto brings quiet energy to her introspective ballads, nursing a negotiation of life from pain to acceptance, if not peace.” – Americana Gazette

"A solid example of a personal journey led by a singer-songwriter with a passion for verbal expression and a subtle voice which adds power to the lyrics. Tylan is definitely one to watch for fans of contemporary American folk and lyrical singer-songwriters.” - Gaelick

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