Tylan Bio

"While Girlyman’s compositions were always confessional, they usually lightened things up with a silly song or two. One True Thing drops the humor and ramps up the passion with a collection of love songs that deal honestly with the end of a relationship. Tylan has always been a powerful singer, but the poignant honesty that she brings to these tunes gives them an emotional intensity that’s as bracing as it is moving. She asks the unanswerable questions that plague the end of relationships, and while she doesn’t have answers, the questioning provides its own kind of solace." Relix

"One True Thing comes fully loaded... an excellent album that perfectly showcases its star, Tylan, and gives the singer/songwriter a chance to rely on her muse for direction." - The Alternate Root

"Tylan’s practice of extending metaphors out toward a precipice keeps an unpredictable edge to [her] songs. Most writers would stop at the easy close. Ty jumps, leaving much to imagination, to powerful effect. Ty’s expressive alto brings quiet energy to her introspective ballads, nursing a negotiation of life from pain to acceptance, if not peace."   – Americana Gazette

"[Tylan] evokes names like Janis Ian and Willie Nelson, emotional outsiders with their hearts on their sleeves. Folksy Americana and urban literacy sit comfortably together in [her] songs.” – Whisperinandhollerin.com

"A solid example of a personal journey led by a singer-songwriter with a passion for verbal expression and a subtle voice which adds power to the lyrics. Tylan is definitely one to watch for fans of contemporary American folk and lyrical singer-songwriters.” - Gaelick

After five studio albums and ten years on the road with the internationally acclaimed folk-pop quartet Girlyman, Tylan (Greenstein) has recreated herself with a stunning debut solo CD, One True Thing. On One True Thing, Tylan and producer Michael T. Connolly combine guitars, piano, Hammond organ, upright bass, cello, and Tylan’s alto into a lush orchestra which meets with her incisive lyrics to create a sweeping metaphorical landscape.

As a founding member, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist in Girlyman, Tylan distinguished herself as a powerful lyricist and a magnetic presence both on the band's recordings and onstage. Founded in 2001, the four members of Girlyman went from playing for tips in coffeehouses to selling out 400-500 seat venues across the country; they also toured internationally, graced festival main stages, and opened extensively for such folk luminaries as Indigo Girls and Dar Williams.

As a solo artist, Tylan is off to an auspicious start: Her Kickstarter campaign for One True Thing created a tremendous buzz and reached its goal of $20,000 in just 36 hours. It went on to become the second highest grossing Kickstarter campaign ever in the Folk/Country category.

The first single, "Already Fine," a collaboration with Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls which premiered on American Songwriter, showcases Tylan’s "expressive alto, [which] brings quiet energy to her introspective ballads, nursing a negotiation of life from pain to acceptance, if not peace." (Americana Gazette)

"Playing with Girlyman for so long has really spoiled me," says Tylan, who decided to drop her last name for her new solo venture. "I couldn’t ask for a more talented group of musicians, or for a more successful career. All those instruments and arrangements really supported my songs. At the same time, there’s something about the raw, lyric-driven acoustic experience that has always appealed to me. I like the idea of there being very little between the song and the listener. That’s where I come from."